Italiens enologiske rigdom beror på store geografiske og territorielle forskelligheder, og det er vores opgave at beskytte disse.

Takket være druernes optimale forhold under middelhavsklimaet er Italien i stand til at frembringe et misundelsesværdigt rigt udvalg af kvalitetsvine fra mere end 2000 lokale vinkældre.


(Italiano) Piemonte

Cascina Alberta

The soils of Barbaresco zone are composed primarily of calcareous marl dating from the Tortonian epoch. white clay and grey marl.
Ideals for Elegant red ines Barbaresco docg.

Tenuta Tamburnin

Soils characterized by a high percentage of iron clayey: perfect soli to produce fruity and aromatic wines: Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco.

Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero

Deep sandy alkaline soils; territory characterized by hills with high slope; great permeability; those elements gives wines with excellent freshness and elegance in the white wines : Roero Arneis docg.

L’Autin s.s. di Camuso e Gasca

Soils with a glacial origine characterized by a thin fertile stratum, high presence of clayey and loose gravel; ideal to produce high fruity white wines with a great percentage of acidity.

Azienda Agricola Camparo

Clayey solis characterized by Saint’ Agata ‘s grey fossil marl with an alkaline ph. This feauters gives great red wines with longevity performance and power: Barolo docg.

(Italiano) Lombardia

Società Agricola Lovera S.r.l.

The gravely, stony soils are well drained and rich in minerals – ideal for high-quality viticulture. They were formed, just like the topography, by glacial activity.
Great for white wines with good level of acidity and longevity: Franciacorta docg.

(Italiano) Veneto

(Italiano) Prosecco Ardenghi

(Italiano) Marche

(Italiano) Filodivino

(Italiano) Puglia

(Italiano) Podere 29

(Italiano) Calabria

Azienda Agricola Marini

Soils mostly composed of red clay and limestone; characterized by a high percentage of texture, ideal for the production of Red wines with great longevity.

(Italiano) Sicilia

Azienda Agricola Giovanni Boroli

Soils composed by black clay and white limestone and they presents an acid ph and good level of fertility; ideals both for red wines and whites with a great structure: Nero d’Avola.